No Money Enterprise - Insight

By Media Team

No Money Enterprise - Insight

No Money Enterprise started off over 10 years ago as "No Money Records".  Years later changing the name to represent something bigger.  The trio consist of Tommy OT, Ha’i Braa and Rndy $vge.

No Money Enterprise represent more in numbers, as there are many aspiring artists under this one empire.  All inspired by hip hop artists from all over the world, they look to create new, bold and innovative ways to produce Australian Hip Hop.

Not afraid to speak about their humble beginnings, this is what drives them to share their music with the world and hope to inspire other people to not be afraid to chase their dreams.  All growing up in the Logan City area, their community is what they are very much proud of. 

With over millions of streams on all platforms and hitting GOLD in Australia and New Zealand, they humbly share these achievements with all their family, friends and their fans.  The energy and hype in all their tracks and performances is what stands NME out from the crowd, along with each member bringing their unique flow & vibe to every track.  Here is a bit of insight with the boys:

What do you want people to know about No Money Enterprise ?  We want everyone to enjoy the music for what it is, and hope that everyone enjoys the vibes we bring to the music scene & have them dancing non stop.

How have things changed for you all since starting this journey ? We all stay pretty grounded, however we have been blessed with opportunities to now share and perform our music on a bigger scale & can pursue this on a more regular basis.

Who did you all grow up listening too ? "Rndy OT $vge - Tupac& UB40, Tommy OT - I grew up listening to Tupac alot, he had real raps, real lyrics and a real message !, Ha’i Braa - Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Ice Cube.

What is it like creating music with the boys in the studio? Rndy OT $vge - blessed, Tommy OT - Making music with the boys is a lot of fun, heaps of energy and a lot of laughs, Ha’i Braa - Closest thing to having older and younger brothers that not by blood but by bond.

What is the goal for you?  Rndy OT $vge - to be able to change my family's lives and have a positive impact on the community, Tommy OT - for my family, brothers & boys to live stress free to do what we want, when we want, Ha’i Braa - to build NME as an empire.

"We want to thank you all for your on going love and support throughout our music journey and hope to meet you at up and coming shows" .... No Money Enterprise